Swivel Jet Cleaner SSR

Fully submersible swivel jet cleaner with boulders filter and hinged, gas-tight stainless steel cover

Automatic cleaning and flow generation in stormwater basins to ensure the long-term operation of the plant.


DN 150
(DN 200) *


Stainless steel A2-1.4301
(A4-1.4571) *

Swivel Range

Stepless up to 280°
(adjustable limit switches)


Manufacturer-independent, flange-mounted
or offset mounted


Up to 300 cbm/h

Rated power

4,9 – 22 kW

*(on request)

Applications and benefits

  • Automatic cleaning and flow generation in stormwater basins to ensure the long-term operation of the plant.

  • The generated flow effectively prevents the settling of non-floating solids

  • Consistent dirt discharge over the entire emptying phase

  • Effective cleaning of the basin floor, the basin walls and any pillars
  • Minimization of odor and putrefaction in impounded wastewater through oxygen input

  • Also ideally suited as a retrofit for already existing basins

Functional principle

The swivel jet cleaners work on the principle of the water jet pump. A pump delivers a volume flow into the jet pipe. The air is added to the water in the area of the air intake pipe and is emitted horizontally from the jet pipe at high speed.
This creates a flow which keeps the particles contained in the medium and prevents them from settling on the bottom. The suspended solids are reliably flushed out of the basin during the emptying phase.
Due to the supplied air, the swivel jet cleaners also have an aeration function. This prevents unpleasant odors and the formation of rot.

Working Method

During the accumulation phase of the basin, the swivel jet cleaners are in the standby mode. When the basin has filled up the cleaners start the aeration. The basin is aerated by means of an intermittent jet with the jet pipe pointing rigidly in one direction. The actual cleaning process starts in the emptying phase of the rain basin. The jet pipe swivels during this stage and stops at defined stopping points for a certain period of time (interval jet). The contents of the basin are thoroughly mixed in this process.

Final cleaning begins at a residual water level (e.g. 1 m). The bottom of the basin, the walls of the basin and any pillars are cleaned by the concentrated cleaning jet. Suspended solids are removed from the basin during the emptying phase.

Compact Control Unit KS-SSR 600

All processes can be controlled with the KS-SSR 600 compact control unit. This ensures a fully automatic and efficient cleaning process.

Sämtliche Abläufe können mit der Kompaktsteuerung KS-SSR 600 geregelt werden. Dadurch wird ein vollautomatischer und effizienter Reinigungsvorgang gewährleistet.


Jet Cleaner Schwenkstrahlreiniger rainwater basin regenbecken


IUT Schwenkstrahlreiniger SSR
Vollautomatische Reinigung und Strömungserzeugung in Regenbecken zur Sicherung des langfristigen Betriebs der Anlage

Dimensions in mm

Application Examples

The following table lists arrangement options and examples of use for swivel jet cleaners proven in practice. The required pump capacities depend on the size of the basin.

rainwater basin jet cleaner Schwenkstrahlreiniger Beispiele

The illustrations show an overview of frequent applications.

We will be happy to advise you individually on your pool constellation.