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Building equipment

Products and equipment that enable the intended operation and use of a building

To protect the building and ensure safety-related aspects for users

Lamella backwater flaps

Lamella backwater flaps provide secure closure for round outlet openings. In addition, unauthorized entry into wastewater structures is prevented. Furthermore, safe protection against vermin and excessive water ingress in case of backwater is ensured.

The blades, which can be rotated on one side, are adapted to the inner diameter of the pipe. Due to the flow-favorable arrangement, the pipe cross-section is only minimally reduced.

Available in dimensions from DN 600 up to DN 1200.

Cable cover plates

The streamlined, triangular or trapezoidal edged cover plates cover laid cables in wastewater structures and thus reliably protect against damage and wear.

Available in lengths of 1.00 m, 2.00 m and 2.50 m (incl. mounting and fixing material).

Overflow plates

Overflow plates are ideally suited for mounting on on-site overflow sills and provide a clearly defined overflow edge.

Available in handy lengths with slotted holes, detachable connections and wall connections. The slotted hole preparation allows for height-accurate mounting. If desired, the top edge can be chamfered at specified angles.

Swimming baffle

Baffles are used for the safe retention of floating solids and thus prevent discharge into surrounding waters. Available in two different variants.

Fixed version:

The statically dimensioned fixation to the building ceiling and walls ensures a secure hold. The dimensioned distances to the overflow sill and immersion depth ensure reliable solids retention.


The rotatable, buoyant, teardrop-shaped stainless steel design minimizes the distance between the spillway and the baffle and even more reliably prevents the knockdown of floating solids. If necessary, a multi-part design with detachable connections can also be implemented.

Shaft access aids

As a basis for safe shaft access, after sufficient ventilation and personal protective equipment, a non-slip ladder and an access aid are also indispensable.

The removable or retractable access aid is mounted in the shaft neck, depending on the structure, and thus provides sufficient projection and fixed retaining options.

The access ladders are manufactured in widths of 300 and 400mm according to current accident regulations. Shaft wall fasteners in a rigid and adjustable variants are available. Versions in stainless steel 1.4301 and 1.4571 are available.

To reduce transport dimensions, divisible ladders are also available.

Safety grids

To ensure safe working in closed wastewater structures, sufficient permanent ventilation is essential. For this purpose, manhole covers are opened, thus ensuring the appropriate exchange of air. To prevent unauthorized access or falling, it is necessary to close the open entrances reliably and at the same time in an air-permeable manner.

Our safety gratings are manufactured according to specified dimensions of the relevant entrances, both for permanent retention and for short-term use. Designs in different dimensions, load classes and materials can be realized.