Linear Jet Cleaner LSR

Stationary Linear Jet Cleaner with injector

For efficient cleaning and flow generation in stormwater basins and sewer systems


DN 150
(DN 200) *


Stainless steel A2-1.4301
(A4-1.4571) *


Manufacturer-independent, flange-mounted
or offset mounted

Circulation power

Up to 300 cbm/h

Rated power

4,9 – 22 kW

*(on request)

Applications and benefits

  • Cleaning and flow generation in stormwater basins
  • Prevention of settling of non-floating solids
  • Consistent dirt discharge over the entire emptying phase
  • Odor minimization in impounded wastewater through aeration
  • Suitable for use in sewer systems

Functional principle

Jet cleaners consist of proven submersible sewage pumps with channel impeller, which in the standard version are equipped with a injector. According to the principle of the water jet pump, air is mixed into the water flow. This water/air mixture is emitted at an increased flow rate through a jet pipe horizontally to the bottom of the basin. The combined action of water jet and swirled air creates a strong flow effect. This sets the medium in rotation and keeps the contaminants in suspension. Deposits that have already settled are stirred up again and discharged as the basin water level decreases.