Plant engineering

Our range of services in plant engineering

Customer and plant-specific equipment components for a wide range of applications

Shut-off and control fittings different application areas

Installation of housed and houseless fittings in the field of drinking water, industrial water and waste water

Pipeline construction PE, steel, stainless steel

Production and installation of supply/disposal lines in the field of drinking water, industrial water and waste water

Steel and stainless steel railings in special buildings

Planning, design, manufacture and assembly of railings in various dimensions for different applications

Steel and stainless steel operating and maintenance platforms

Individual planning, production and assembly of special platforms and railing constructions

Design and installation of boulders shafts

By separating mineral components from the incoming boulders by means of a boulders shaft, the wastewater engineering plants and facilities are effectively protected.

Installation of flood pumping stations in southern germany

Design, manufacture and assembly of plant components and standpipes for manufacturer-independent submersible propeller pumps

Measuring and throttle shafts with all attachments

Installation of measuring and throttle shafts for the outlet control of stormwater retention basins

Installation of sewage pumping stations and lifting stations

Design, manufacture and installation of manufacturer-independent wastewater pumping stations

Drinking water supply systems/high reservoir installation

Design, manufacture and assembly of special pipe fittings in the drinking water sector