Swivel Jet Cleaner SSR

Fully submersible swivel jet cleaner with boulders filter and hinged, gas-tight stainless steel cover

Rotary Jet Cleaner RSR

Compact 360° rotary jet cleaner, 2-armed with adjustable jet nozzles

Building Access BZ

Safe and hygienic entry into stormwater basins and special buildings

Alu manhole covers AS

Surfacewater-proof aluminum manhole covers in round and square design


Maintenance platform

Development, construction and installation of a maintenance platform in the pump shaft


All maintenance and installation work of the already installed backflow preventers in the pump shaft had to be done by the operating personnel via a ladder at a height of approx. 5m. Thanks to the pedestal we developed and installed to fit perfectly, the operating personnel can now carry out the necessary work safely and cleanly.

Reconstruction sewage plant

Installation of a swivel jet cleaner SSR in a stormwater basin


Installing the swivel jet cleaner in this rainwater basin permanently prevents settling on the floor and walls. Furthermore, the permanently moving water greatly reduces the development of odors. This eliminates the need for manual cleaning operations by operating personnel.

Extension pump chamber

Construction of two new metering and throttling shafts


Delivery and assembly of:

  • Flood pumping station with 3 propeller submersible pumps – delivery rate 980l/sec. each.
  • Measuring and throttle shafts incl. Shut-off valves and stainless steel piping in DN 200/DN 300